Seed Fund

Calling out for applicants

MContent is introducing the World’s first crypto based digital content marketplace that aims to build a collaborative content ecosystem with the core purpose of seed funding, incubating and curating film makers and content producers around the World.

This platform will create direct financing and investments for deserving content creators, film professionals and media artists who have the talent but not the resources giving them access to global investors as well as a global audience.

Whether you’re an established professional or an up & coming film maker with a story that you and only you can tell, we want to hear from you. Apply now and a chance to be selected for our incubator where successful projects will be matched up with seed funding.

    Elevator Pitch: Imagine you have found your way into a short elevator ride with a producer who you would dream to work with. In 2-3 Minutes you need to tell them about your project in a way that is exciting and engaging and which could land you a gig. Now record this pitch on your Smartphone or what ever camera you have. Make sure to also include why you would want to work with MContent.